dear Logan (3 months)

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My sweet love,
Time is flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was telling strangers that you were 6 weeks old, but in the blink of an eye you have reached 3 months. You learn new skills and seem to grow inches overnight, and I can't keep up. Everything you do amazes me.
We spent the last week in NC visiting family (your uncle Jay got married!). By the time we returned home to TN, you had grown from a sweet little baby to an active, strong little man. You can pull yourself up to a sitting position without any head lag, and when you're feeling extra strong (or extra mad!) you manage to stand straight up from a lying position with just a little assistance. We bought a jumperoo while we were in Lewisville, and you love it. You're still working on the jumping part and become frustrated after 15-20 minutes because your legs and arms are just a little too short to do everything you want.
You were quite the social butterfly as you met hundreds of new family and friends in NC. And although the rehearsal dinner and wedding were both past your bedtime, you were a sweet little angel in the arms of your grandparents and great aunts & uncles. I was so proud!
Our lives have gotten so much easier in the last few weeks, as you've settled into a nice routine and fall asleep easily when I lay you down. You love to sleep on your belly, and much to my surprise I have gotten over my fears and let you. As you fall asleep you love to scratch your tiny little fingers over whatever you can reach... most often my shirt, face, or the sheets in your crib. You love to explore new surfaces. And when you don't want to fall asleep, you roll from your belly to back and let me know it!
Sometimes you seem so little to me, but mostly I've noticed just how much you're growing every day. You weighed in at 12.2 lbs last night. You're still tall and skinny (and weigh much less than your friends your age!). I love that you still fit perfectly in my arms. We sneak naps together in the early morning, and you always seem happiest snuggled between your father and I.
You are the most incredible journey, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
hugs & kisses,

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