dear Logan (16 weeks)

9:59:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 1 Comments

my little love,

You have taught me so many lessons during your time in this world. I will forever be grateful to you for teaching me what I needed to learn the most... patience. You have taught me to take life one minute at a time, and fully enjoy the journey that we are on. You have taught me that although I know life will get better and more exciting, it can't get much better than this. I am a better nurse and a better wife because of you. I look into your eyes and I know this is what I've been waiting for. All of the challenges, tears, smiles, and joys in life have brought me to you. When I find myself worrying about what tomorrow or next year will bring, your face lights up with a smile and I know that nothing matters more than living in this moment. The worst day with you is better than any day I ever thought possible in this life. We are the best of friends, and I hope that never changes between us. You light up my life, sweet boy. I owe you the world, and I promise to spend every minute of my life trying to give it to you. I've never known love like this. My heart grows more and more each moment that I spend with you.


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