dear Logan: then you were 4.

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Tomorrow you are 4.
I am so incredibly proud of the little gentleman you have become. You take care of me, you look out for your sister, and you are genuinely thoughtful and kind and wonderful. You love hard and you play hard. You are everything and more than we could have ever wanted or hoped for our family. You gave us love and purpose and faith.
As if that wasn't enough, you are smart. So incredibly smart. You put together puzzles with more pieces than I can count, and you do it with such ease. You are imaginative and inquisitive and brilliant. The world is wide open for your incredible mind. School won't know what hit it when you walk through those doors.
You are Adaleigh's best friend and protector; the two of you are a team. Whether you are snuggling or fighting, you are always inseparable. There are no words for the bond with your Daddy- it is manly, friendly, loving, and involves a lot of wrestling. You share a love of sports and superheroes.
As for me- You are part of me. It's not that I can't remember life without you; I can't imagine what I felt like or who I was without the love you have forever burned in my heart. There is no me without you. Each breath I take is because of you and the life you gave to me. Nothing and no one will ever replace you in my life, and I like it that way.
On the eve of your 4th birthday, I hope you feel loved. We wanted and hoped and prayed for you years before you came into our lives, and I hope that feeling is always with you. You are always worth it.
Love always & forever,

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