another one for the baby book

8:56:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

Finally. Finally! Logan has loved his jumperoo since the day we brought it home (~3 weeks ago?), but for the today he really began to understand the whole standing and jumping thing. Of course we're still using a pillow because he's such a shrimp (just kidding!... kinda), but he figured out how to fully take advantage of all the jumperoo offers. And we he did his face lit up! He also managed to swivel the seat on his own to reach the other toys... something I was sure he wouldn't be physically capable of doing for quite some time. And he continued to do this while he played, back and forth between the toys. 

Of course I'm the most biased person in his life and love to brag on my little one, but his physical strength amazes me. He's had great head control since the day they pulled him out, and standing on his legs for almost as long. These days he stands in place and balances by only holding onto a finger in each of my hands. He easily stands from both a sitting and lying position (by pulling on my hands), and just seems to get stronger and stronger every day. I've always meant for the walking at 7 months thing to be a joke, but maybe I was on to something! This kid is a beast!

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