dear Logan (23 weeks)

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Although I honestly can't wait to hold you in my arms, I cherish each moment we've spent together the last 23 weeks.  There is comfort in knowing you are always with me, unlike any feeling I've ever felt before.  Each little kick or wiggle puts a smile on my face, and those are my favorite parts of each day.  It still doesn't feel real that all of this is actually happening, because I haven't wanted you and dreamed about this for as long as I can remember.  You've already changed my life in so many ways, and I look forward to and welcome the changes you will bring to our family in 2012.  I often day dream about what life will be like... day trips to the zoo, play time with Kilo & Roxy, meeting Daddy for lunch downtown, late night story-time rocking you in my arms... I know the best of life has yet to come.

I know the next 17 weeks (hopefully a little less!) will fly by, but sometimes I wish I could fast forward to your birthday.  I will gladly give up my sleep and sanity to have you in my life forever. I already find myself thinking about little brothers and sisters for you, so I can't be that sane to begin with. For now I will continue to cherish having you all to myself and preparing for your arrival the best I can.

love always & forever,


letter to Logan (22 weeks)

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Dear Logan,
The most amazing thing happened this past week... your father felt your kicks for the first time.  I've been feeling you kick and tumble around since 19 weeks, but I have been patiently waiting to be able to share the magical experience with your dad.  He loved it so much I thought he would never move his hand from my belly!

There is no greater feeling than having you in our lives.  We often share our impatience with waiting to meet you, and I know the moment I do my life will finally feel complete.  On even the worst of days, your kicks send a little joy through my body and my heart swells with love.  It's as if you've always been there, just waiting for us to open our lives to you.  I can't imagine just how much our lives will change in a few months, but I look forward to every day I get to spend with you.  I'm already busy planning our many adventures and celebrations together in the coming years.

For now I hope you feel safe and sound inside of me, and I promise I will spend my life protecting and loving you.  Your father and I will be counting down the days until your arrival!

love always & forever,


21 weeks

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20 wks

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Our big 20 week scan was today, and I'm proud to say that our little Logan Cole is perfect.  Ten fingers, ten toes, and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Nick and I sat mesmerized as we studied each of his tiny little organs.  I was amazed while watching all four chambers of his heart beat in real time right before my eyes.  He wiggled and squirmed, and each little kick I saw on screen I felt within myself.  To say it was magical would be an understatement.

He is measuring right on schedule, as is my uterus, so my due date will remain January 27th.  I have gained just enough weight for 20 weeks (although I feel huge!), my blood pressure is great, and so far everything is going just as planned.  I couldn't have asked for better results from my appointment.

Halfway there!  I can't wait to meet our little Logan Cole!


18 weeks (a week late)

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rolling and tumbling, oh my!

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Up until now I've felt a few flutters here and there, but it was always so infrequent and only lasted a second or two. Thankfully yesterday was the day I've been waiting for.  Beginning early in the morning, I felt what I knew was the little one rolling and tumbling around in my belly.  It was unmistakable and the greatest feeling in the world.  I continued to feel him all day and never went more than 15 or 20 min without feeling a little kick here or there.

As I sit typing this now he is already up and moving.  I'm beginning to think this child never sits still, which I am more than okay with... for now :)


tentatively announcing...

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Logan Cole Armstrong

I've always been terrible at making decisions, so naturally I can't yet commit to a name for this little growing boy in my belly. But the more I second guess myself and harass Nick with name after name, I can't let go of Logan.  It just feels right. It is one of the only first names we've agreed on, and it came after a dream I had early on in pregnancy.  I should probably take that as a sign.