be thankful (day 2)

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Jaclyn (@jaclynarmstrong)

11/2/12 5:42 PM

2: Thankful there was a different plan for me than the one I had for myself. #30days



This photo hit me hard. I've shared my dreams of joining the Army Reserves Nurse Corp (here), and finding out I was pregnant with Logan just before finalizing my paperwork for the board review. I made that decision at a time i didn't think Nick and I would ever have children. But the reality of the life of a female soldier and mom hit me when I saw the raw emotion on this oldier's face. I can't imagine deploying for months or a year at a time, only interacting with Logan through Skype. I can't imagine coming home to a child that doesn't even really know me. I know how hard it is for Nick to leave Logan, and the longest he's been gone so far is 3 weeks. As a mother, I can't imagine being separated from my son. This could have been me. The strength and bravery of this mother is inspiring. I've never been more in awe of a mothers love.




I wanted so badly to share this photo with Nick... share my emotions, heartache, and what could have been. But at the last minute I decided against it, because sadly Nick will have to face this reality next year. He doesn't need to be reminded of the road ahead.

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