dear Logan (14 months)

7:20:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 1 Comments

My sweet little boy!

A year has come and gone... A year of milestones and worries, smiles and tears.... A year of you and me. You are so far from the wide-eyed baby boy I brought home on that warm February day. Everything about you grows and changes every time I blink my eyes.

You talk all the time, but I still have no idea what you're saying. Most things still sound like 'da-da', but you are slowly introducing more sounds into your vocabulary. You have a certain little squeal when you're eating something you really love, grunts to let us know what you want as you point and lead the way, and certain forms of 'da-da' for both your daddy and me. Every little sound is sweet music to my ears.

You are much braver on your own these days, and getting closer and closer to taking those first steps. You're always on your feet, cruising around toys and furniture, or climbing on anything that is lying around. You fly up the stairs and can walk so fast holding onto our hands, but just aren't quite ready yet to let go. Neither am I.

You're still a greater eater as long as we load your plate with fruit, but we're having to sneak vegetables into your growing belly more and more. If you're in the right mood you'll eat anything, and you still put down more food than any of your (much bigger) buddies at daycare.

You really love going to daycare everyday, and get so excited when you first see your friends in the morning. I still get the best greetings when I come to get you in the afternoons (you've started clapping for my arrival!), but you no longer torture my heart in the morning with cries and tears.

Daddy and I are constantly seeing you do new things that we can only imagine you've learned from your friends at school. You have started doing a big exaggerated clap as opposed to the little claps we've taught you, and do the cutest little wiggle dance on command. You love to be tickled, and your giggles are contagious. We're teaching you as much as we can at home, and right now you love to show us that you can point to everyone's nose when we ask. You also love to point at our other facial features so we can tell you what they are, too.

You're still a great sleeper, and most nights beg us to go upstairs when it gets close to bedtime. You give great big bedtime kisses and drift off to sleep without a sound.

I know I'm forgetting a million other things I want to remember. There are so many amazing things you do that melt my heart, and I wish I could freeze just a moment of time to cherish forever. I hope you always know how much your daddy and I loved every minute with you, and wouldn't trade you for the world. You are our world.

love always & forever,