(almost?) a milestone!

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Caution: proud parent documenting this for the baby book... please don't bore yourself! 

So today while daddy was busy cooking dinner (chicken pot pie!) and Logan and I were playing, something amazing happened. (Amazing to me, maybe not to you.) I'm impressed everyday by Logan's physical abilities, because although I am biased he really is ahead of the game compared to his best buddies the same age. He has been standing and had great head control from day 1, and is nearly sitting and standing on his own these days. He's never happy lying down and is constantly on the move. Every time we get him from his crib he has wiggled his way into a corner, usually perpendicular from where he was left. He has friends only a few days older/younger than him, and they seem to be much more laid back and less interested in moving and jumping about.

While we were playing this evening I was talking to Logan about walking at 7 months, which has become a joke in our house since the day we met an 8 month old at the pediatrician's office who was walking independently (as usual my competitive nature kicked in). So I've always told Logan that if she could walk at 8 months, he would have to walk at 7 months. I was talking about this, and began to wonder out loud what age babies begin to say their first word. Nick guessed 4-5 months, so I told Logan he better step up his game because he would have to talk sooner than average. I asked him what he wanted his first word to be, and that I didn't really care what it was. We talked about "mama" and "dada", and "light", and then I suggested "hey" because it was a little easier since he was going to talk at such a young age. So I said "say hey", and I swear to you he immediately said "hey" back with the biggest smile on his face. Thinking it was just a coincidence, since his cooing often sounds like "hey", I said it again and he responded back. Three times in a row I said "hey", he repeated it, and I sat in awe at my growing little boy.

I know what you're thinking... "hey" is not the most complicated of words. And of course he had no idea what he was saying. But the fact that he mimicked my word impressed me. And I have a witness... even though he's probably a little biased too. By no means do I think this was Logan's first word, but it was still an exciting moment. I'm writing out the details because I finally heard Logan's first true laugh last week, and Nick and I have both already forgotten what we did to bring it on and when exactly it happened. And these things are important :)

I love watching my little love grow and learn new things each day, but it is always so bittersweet. I find myself often smiling and crying at the same time, because although we have so much to look forward to I am terrified of losing this little one that fits perfectly in my arms. I'm afraid of the day he doesn't want to snuggle with mommy. I can't imagine him running around with his friends, or waving goodbye on his first day of school. Or even worse, the day he grows up and moves away to be on his own. I think back to all of those times during pregnancy I was told to cherish every moment because they grow up so fast. Until you've done it, you really have no idea.

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