a perfect day.

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Logan and I woke up bright and early this morning.

We enjoyed our usual morning nursing session, and scrambled to get bathed and ready in time to make our sweet Madison's softball game (the daughter of my dearest and oldest friend). We caught up with old friends on the ballfield, and enjoyed a beautiful, sunny Spring morning.

After the game we drove just down the road to Nana & GP's house, and welcomed good company and hot coffee. We even snuck in a little leftover teriyaki chicken for lunch.

We loaded up the car with a couple of sweet girls (Logan's cousins) and ran a few errands before making our way to Skateland for Madison's 7th birthday party.

A few hours and slices of cake later we found ourselves out to dinner with Nana & GP, and we dined on a little of everything at the table.

We worked off the bulge by browsing through Target, and taking a short stroll on a warm but pleasant evening.

Back at our temporary home we celebrated our day with a little bath time and snuggle time.

And here we sit, Logan sleeping soundly in his pack 'n play and me grinning ear to ear at what a perfect day it was. A simple but busy life, full of the best family and friends anyone could ask for. (and reminiscing at a softball game didn't hurt either :)

Logan crossed a few firsts off his list today... first ball game, first birthday party, first trip to the skating rink. He enjoyed (almost) every minute of it!

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