dear Logan (9 months)

8:44:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

My sweet little angel,

You are 9 months old and full of life. The thing that people compliment you most on, after your gorgeous big blue eyes and irresistible dimples, is that you are such a happy baby. You have your moments at home, but out in the world you light up and capture every room with your generous smiles and squeals of delight. You make me so proud. You may be laid back and reserved, but you are definitely a charmer.

The days are sometimes long, but the weeks and months are flying by us. You are growing into your personality more and more each day. I hold you close at night and can hardly remember those first few days after bringing you home. It's as if you've always been here.

 I never want to forget the way your head fits perfectly on my chest, or the little dance you do with your fingers when you are really excited. I want to cherish every early morning snuggle, the way you tenderly caress my face, and the quiet sigh of relief you make every time you look up and see that I am still here with you.

They say the best things come in the smallest packages, and I couldn't agree more. My heart is so full, yet it grows more and more with each and every passing day. A lifetime with you will never be enough. I hope you feel the endless love that surrounds you.

forever & always,

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