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today I am:

  • Anticipating picking up our jogging stroller tomorrow morning! I've been running for a few weeks (months?) now and surviving with our current stroller, but anxiously awaiting the day I had a true jogging stroller so I could quite worrying about bouncing Logan's poor little head around. Tomorrow is the day!

  • Wishing we could move back home! I just can't get over the intense need to live close to our families so that they can watch Logan grow and change everyday. I feel like they've already missed so much in the last 4 months.

  • Dreaming about all of the projects on my to do list. I began Logan's nursery transformation today, and there are so many things I want to make for his new airplane (and car, and train) room. I also have plans to make more cloth wipes, burp cloths, and paci clips, and get my etsy shop up and running. Oh, and I have about a hundred diy projects I want to do around the house. The list never gets any smaller!

  • Hoping I have an easy breezy 2 nights at work this week. My last shift reminded me of just how rough it gets as a floor nurse. I've had it too easy since I've been back.

  • Missing my friends. Since having Logan I've come to realize just how hard it is to maintain friendships with those that aren't married and don't have kids... such different lifestyles. I've also found it incredibly hard to make plans with friends that do have kids because life is so busy! Something's got to change though because I refuse to be stuck in this house all summer without a life. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! It's going to be HOT. 

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