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Now that Mother's Day is almost over, can I be completely honest? It kinda sucked. I still mean everything I wrote in my other post, and I really am blessed with this miracle I've been given, but it just wasn't the best of days.

It started off wonderfully. Logan napped on my chest while I snagged an extra hour of sleep this morning. And the card and flowers from my husband really were wonderful. But then the day went downhill.

Nick works on Sundays, so he was gone by 1pm and won't return home until 11pm. I was quickly faced with the reality that Mother's Day doesn't always equal a relaxing spa day, but is often just like any other day with interrupted showers and never ending laundry. And it wasn't one of Logan's best days. He's teething now, which meant a lot of crying, only napping for 30 min, needing to be constantly held, and nursing every. single. hour. It was exhausting. But it still wasn't terrible. I can think of a lot of things worse than extra snuggle time with my precious little man.

What really ruined the day was being 7 hrs away from my mom. I can't even remember the last time I saw her on Mother's Day. Instead of having lunch with her and spending time together, I was all alone. My friends were busy with their moms, and Nick was at work. Even my mother-in-law and everyone else you should spend the day with were all back in NC.

So although I appreciate the sentiment of the day and the reminder to be thankful for all the joys of motherhood, I'm ready for this day to end. Maybe next year I'll find myself at a Mother's Day brunch, or having an afternoon pedicure, or maybe even just a long, peaceful shower. I better not still be sitting here alone in Tennessee. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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