The Business of Being Born

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Since my first days of L&D classes in nursing school, I have vowed to steer clear of Pitocin and have the most natural childbirth I was capable of.  I had heard nothing but great reviews of Ricki Lake’s documentary, The Business of Being Born, and fully planned on watching it before the birth of this child. 

The other night I began discussing with my husband that I was thinking of switching from our awesome OB whom we love to a midwife to ensure my wishes were met during labor, and he responded by jokingly referring to midwives and their “voodoo”.  I couldn’t move fast enough to find the documentary on Amazon, hook up the laptop to the tv, and begin an educational experience for myself and my husband.  It was obviously time.  

The documentary was AMAZING.  I was familiar with most of the medical reasoning and facts in the film thanks to nursing school only a few short years ago, but it was still reassuring to know that I was making the right decisions for the right reasons.  The film also managed to ease some of my fears about childbirth.  

Birth plans are personal, and I strongly believe that every woman should make the decisions that are best for them.  Having said that I also find it hard to believe that any woman could watch this film with an open mind and not walk away convinced to at least try for a natural birth.  I’m not saying that natural childbirth is for everyone or the only way birth should ever be done, I just believe that this documentary is that convincing.  I highly recommend it to all pregnant women, and all women that desire to have children one day.  You will learn SO. MUCH.  I even recommended it to my mom to watch so that she could better understand why I feel the way I do.  In fact, I wish everyone would watch this movie so that I don’t get the looks I do when the subject gets brought up and I mention that I’m hoping for a natural childbirth.

I could go on for hours, but please just watch this movie!  I promise you won’t regret it.  I support any decision a mother makes for her own child, I just strongly believe that every pregnant women should at least make the effort to be informed and educated before making any decisions.  Let me know what you think!

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