Logan's firsts: goodbye long, curly, surfer hair!

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Yesterday (6/15/13) was a big day for us... Logan finally got his first hair cut! I've been thinking about it for quite some time, mostly because those long curls tickled his ears and he always had hair in his eyes. But as much as I knew he needed it, it was so hard to willingly cut the long blond curls that defined our little boy's look.

We went to Pigtails & Crewcuts in Murfreesboro on the recommendation of a friend. I can't say enough good things about them! We had such a great experience, and although a little pricey it was worth every penny.

We chose an Army airplane for Logan to sit in, and as we put him in it they went into action. The owner blew bubbles to keep Logan entertained, and most of the time he had no idea anyone was messing with his hair. He was a perfect angel! He held tight to daddy's hand the whole time, but no tears!

For the first time this pregnancy, Logan's first haircut brought the hormones out. I may or may not have teared up a little when he showed off his new big boy haircut. He is so grown these days, and his new hair matches his new little boy independence.



and, he's off!

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We have a walker! Finally!


Logan has been steadily walking with a little help for weeks now, but couldn't find the courage to let go of those last few fingers to venture out on his own. On May 24, the night Nana and GP were on their way to Nashville for Memorial Day, he took his first few steps on his own. He would stand or walk as steady as could be, but as soon as he noticed he was on his own he would set his little bottom on the ground. It almost became a game... Daddy and me cheering him on with excitement, and him letting out high pitched squeals and giggles as he teased us with only a step or two.

It wasn't until Thursday night (June 6), when Grandpa and GG came in town, that he finally took off on his own (apparently he saves all of his best moments for the grandparents). He hasn't stopped since!

I can't begin to describe how proud I am every time he puts those little shoes to use. I guess a part of me never though he would actually do it! What an amazing feeling to watch your children grow and learn, and take pride in everything you've taught them and prepared them for along the way. Nothing is cuter than a little boy teeter-tottering his way around town. 16 months and 4 days, and not a day too soon.