Product rave: Sonoline B Doppler

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A couple of weeks ago, I found myself lying awake late at night browsing online.  As usual this led to an impulse buy.  I had just visited my OB for my 12 week appt and heard the sweetest sound of our little one’s heartbeat.  Unfortunately Nick was away for training in Mississippi, and I couldn’t help but think of how much he was missing out on during those few moments listening to the heartbeat… our heartbeat.  So I began researching fetal dopplers online, and quickly stumbled upon the Sonoline B Fetal Heart Doppler on Ebay.

Fetal dopplers can be outrageously priced.  I could never imagine spending hundreds of dollars on one, but when I found the Sonoline B for a reasonable $53 brand new I was sold.  Having found such a good deal, I was a little nervous about the quality of the doppler.  I knew from browsing in stores that many dopplers are only recommended late during the 2nd trimester and beyond, and I was barely 12 weeks.  When it arrived just a few days later, I was nothing but pleasantly surprised.

The Sonoline B worked fantastic.  I instantly found our little one’s heartbeat in the comfort and privacy of our bedroom, and I had no trouble distinguishing between my own and the baby’s heartbeats.  The doppler also has a digital screen to display the heartrate and average heartrate every 8 beats heard.  

As soon as The Husband returned home I shared my surprise with him… that moment was magical.  Nothing compares to sitting together in the peace and serenity of our home with nothing more that a faint swoosh bringing us together.  Now when I find myself feeling down or frustrated with our situation, I take myself upstairs to remind me that this will all be so worth it.  Our little miracle baby is growing strong and healthy inside of me, and nothing in life could be better than that.

***I should mention that I was in no way sponsored or compensated by Sonoline B or Clinical Guard.  I simply loved the doppler that much that I felt it deserved a post of its own!  I also want to praise the ebay seller clinicalguardga for offering such a great product and having it at my door 2 days later!  

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