Savoring the moment

4:47:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

Days like today, when I'm off work and the Husband is gone all day working a double, and the dogs are far away in NC, I try hard to get over my boredom and embrace time to myself without distractions.  Moments like these are becoming more numbered as the countdown continues to days filled with chaos, noise, and living my life for someone else.  I often find myself wishing for time to pass more quickly so that I can hold and cuddle my little one tight in my arms, but I must remember to cherish the time that I have now.  The only time that this little one is safe inside me, and I have so much control over keeping us safe.  The time to embrace the reflection of my thoughts, my hopes, and my dreams for the journey this family is about to embark on.  The time to plan, and organize and prepare for all that is to come.  The time that I will look back on fondly and wish for when life is pulling me in every direction.

I will continue to countdown the days until January and daydream about the memories that will be created during the challenge of a life-changing experience, but for now I will try to slow down and savor every moment of this pregnancy.  I will appreciate knowing this baby is strong and healthy inside of me, and for now I have our little one all to myself.  Life could definitely be a lot worse.

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