Silly dreams

1:48:00 AM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

I had the most amazing dream last night (and yes, it has me wide awake at 5:30 in the morning).  In my dream I was only 2 days away from the due date of our beautiful baby girl (once again, always a girl in the dreams!).  I was freaking out a little in the dream about labor and what was to come, but I was so excited and ready.  Our nursery was complete (in the most amazing house) and everything was in place for our little one to come home.

Imagine my disappointment to wake up and find out that not only am I not 2 days away from my due date…. I still have 6 MONTHS to go!!!  Sometimes it seems like 6 months isn’t nearly long enough to buy everything we need and get everything ready, but when I picture holding our little one and how our lives will change, 6 months feels like an eternity.  For all of you mommas-to-be out there, I’m sure you know exactly how I feel.  

I don’t want to wish this pregnancy away because I really love being pregnant, I just wish I could have the best of both worlds.  Here’s to hoping the next 6 months fly by!

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