finding God: update

12:00:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

Remember when I decided it was time to reevaluate my life and work toward finding a place for Him in it? That hasn't changed. The problem is I haven't had a single Saturday night off since I wrote that post... With the exception of our weekend in NC (which included a Sunday I was far too hungover to attend church and already had brunch plans with Nick's grandfather).

So here we are, a month later? And not much has changed. Nick may finally have a new job (fingers crossed!) and we were discussing how we would arrange our new schedules last night. Of course it looks as if I will continue to work Saturday and Sunday nights, so I don't yet have a solution for the church dilemma.

We may have to explore less conventional options for our family (Sunday nights? Wednesday nights?). I've also been thinking a lot about having Logan baptized in the Catholic tradition... more on that later. I feel like the clock is ticking on all of this and for once in my life I am finally motivated, yet nothing is falling into place the way I had hoped. Our list of churches to try is growing and growing, but we're not making any progress.

Hopefully it will all change soon.



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