A late summer reunion.

8:00:00 AM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe our weekend in NC.

We packed our bags and travelled home for the wedding of a high school friend... a mutual friend, but one of Nick's closest friends since childhood. The setting was beautiful at a quaint little inn in downtown Winston-Salem. I haven't seen a couple so happy, so in love, and so meant for each other in quite some time. It was a beautiful moment.

We missed both of our high school reunions this past year (same school, different years), so this wedding became our own reunion with some of our best and oldest friends. We were also joined by my inlaws, which only made the night better. We laughed and danced the night away. Our first night away from Logan... together, relaxed, and living carefree. I didn't realize how much we needed it.


Our trip home was also the usual reunion with our families. I love our lives here in TN, but there's nothing quite like being home surrounded by the ones you love the most. Logan had a blast!




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