dear Logan (7 months)

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my dear little Logan,

In less than 1 week, you will be 7 months old. I can't quite wrap my head around the idea. These have been the absolute greatest 7 months of my life. In the 10 months we waited for your arrival, I constantly heard horror stories and warnings about how hard and challenging life is with a baby. But here you are... and although I have questioned every decision we've made for you, those are the last words that come to mind when I hear your name. You are a joy, and the sunshine that fills our world each and every day. Every night your father and I say just how perfect you are, and how much better you have made our lives. Sleepless nights and fussy evenings will never change that.

You are much more a little man than a baby these days. Your personality can light up a room. Those dimples melt the heart of every girl you meet, and your overall happy outlook on life is contagious. You have surprised me in your laid back, relaxed attitude when we're out in the world. I love that you embrace all new situations, people, and places, and I hope so much that you are not shy like your mother.

You still haven't found a food you don't like. You're eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, cereal and oatmeal, and learning the fine art of the sippy cup. Your jumperoo is still your favorite place in the house, and you're also now riding in style when we hang out on the patio.

Your little voice is music to my ears. You still have your squeals and screams when you're excited, but you babble in a soft, calm voice. We haven't quite yet heard your first real word, but "dadadadada" is a favorite sound to sing to us. I know it is only a matter of time before you're talking up a storm. 

If there's anything you love most in the world, it's being outside. Whether it's day or night, at home or in the park, outside makes you happy. You love to swing, swim, and watch the sights and sounds of the outdoors. We recently let you explore your first playground, and you loved it.

I'm learning to soak up every little bit of you during the time we have together. No matter how many days or nights we have, it is never enough. I can't get enough of you. You're growing and learning so fast, and your baby days are numbered. You are such an amazing little boy. I hope you know that through all of life's ups and downs, your daddy and I are always behind you. You are the center of our world. Sometimes, early in the morning, I sneak you out of your crib to spend your last hours of slumber snuggled in my arms. I hope you always feel safe with me. 

As we plan your first Halloween, Christmas, and your first birthday, I can't help but feel it's moving way too fast. You will always be Mama's little boy.

love always & forever,

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