dear Logan (6 months)

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my sweet baby boy,

6 months! You are halfway through your first year of life. It has been an absolute joy watching you grow and learn from the world around you, yet it terrifies me to think that your days as my sweet little baby are numbered. So much of your personality and development reminds me daily that you are much more a little boy than the tiny little newborn we brought home 6 months ago.

You started eating rice cereal a month ago, and have since moved on to squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. You haven't met a food you don't like! I have anxiously awaited your first bite of food each time we try something new, but you have yet to make a face or spit anything out. You are living up to the Armstrong name. You're still a tiny little thing, but I have no doubt that you are healthy and growing right on track.

You spend much of each day bouncing around in your jumperoo. Your little legs are so strong, and sometimes I worry that the whole thing will come crashing down on you because you're such a strong jumper. We are complimented often on how happy of a baby you are. You haven't quite mastered rolling from back to belly and you aren't crawling yet, but you still manage to get wherever you want to go. You spin and scoot, and you're smart enough to pull your toys closer when they are out of reach. Sometimes I find you so far from where you were left, that I am beginning to wonder if you're hiding some skills from your Daddy and me. I think it is only a matter of weeks before you start crawling all over our house.

You love to blow bubbles and make airplane sounds, and you babble to anyone that will listen. It is such a joy to your Mama's ears. You are also very aware of who Mama and Daddy are, and you are not happy when we leave your sight. We recently took a trip to visit your grandparents, and you knew that we weren't home. You had a great time, but you missed your room and crib back home. You are a (little) man of routine.

Your 6 month round of shots went well... so well, in fact, that I didn't realize that she had given them to you! Such a brave little boy. You are weighing in at 14.8 lbs and are 25.5 in long, with just enough baby chunk to let us know you are well nourished. Most of your meals involve food now, but you still love to nurse in the morning and before bed.

Please don't grow too fast! Mama is having a hard time comprehending that you will one day be a toddler, and may even run off to school by yourself in a few years. For now I will continue to cherish our snuggle time, and the sweet look in your eyes when you realize you're in Mama's arms. You know our favorite book, Love You Forever? I mean every single word of it.

love with all my heart & soul,

waiting on your 6 month checkup

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