the sweetest sound

3:56:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

This morning I heard the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard… our little one’s heartbeat!  I could have listened for hours.  Unfortunately Nick is stuck in the humidity and swamps of Mississippi right now (thank you annual training), so he will have to wait until my next appointment to hear it for himself.  I had hoped to record it for him, but after waiting for an hour and a half and nearly falling asleep I forgot all about it.  When the time finally came I was so wrapped up in the moment I couldn’t think about anything else!  Everything checked out fine, with the exception of my thyroid function tests which were no surprise to me.  I’ve had subclinical hypothyroidism for a few years now so my thyroid has to be monitored very closely, but luckily I still haven’t reached the point of needing medication.  This appointment also confirmed that I have only gained 3 lbs at this point… which is GREAT news considering I feel like my belly is doubling daily!  I can’t wait for the Husband to see me when he gets home!

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