Dear little one,

1:30:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

There is so much in the world I look forward to teaching you and showing you.  I look forward to traveling to places I’ve never even been, and exploring and learning together.  There’s so much more to this world than the small bubble we shelter ourselves in, so much more than our own cultures and beliefs.  My hope is that you are not burdened by the shyness and fear that has defined me, but rather an excitement and passion for exploring the world around you.  I hope that the last thought to ever enter your mind is what those around you may think, and I hope you feel carefree and confident in the decisions you make.  The world becomes a sad place when you let others define it for you.  Do not put off your goals and dreams in hopes of doing them later, because later will never come.  Live with passion and purpose, but enjoy every day as if it is your last.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as that is how we grow within ourselves.  Never be afraid to accept help, but do so graciously.  No one ever makes it to the top on their own.  I hope we can give you the most incredible, joyous childhood, regardless of our financial means, and I hope you can look back on it fondly with a smile on your face.  I hope you always feel loved and protected, because nothing means more to us in life than you do.  Never forget that no matter where life takes you, family is everything.

Love forever & always,


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