Wish List

5:10:00 AM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

At only 5 weeks my wish list for the little one is already growing!  I’m resisting the urge to buy anything for a while, but that doesn’t stop me from plenty of online browsing for now.  Here’s the first of many wish lists to come…

The must-have:

I have seen these Bumbo seats in action, and it is definitely a must-have for my home!  Such a genius idea.

The lust:

I LOVE the Bugaboo strollers.  I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I love the look and style of them.  Would I ever spend $800+ on a stroller?  Absolutely not.  Would I spend $300-400 for a used one on Ebay?  Probably not.  But a girl can dream.

The Diaper bag I picked out long before the baby:

I have always been a fan of Lug Life, and long ago while looking for a new carry-on bag I stumbled upon this perfect diaper bag.  It is so practical and functional with all of the different pockets and compartments, and great easy-to-clean fabric.  I also love that it isn’t too feminine, so The Husband won’t think twice about carrying it around.  You can get great deals on Amazon for all of the Lug Life products.

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