10 reasons I love my husband

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In honor of Memorial Day, I thought I'd take a minute to appreciate (and brag a little) about my heroic, brave husband.  I could write a book about the reasons I love Nick, so this list is just a start.

1.  He's always the first to apologize.
I'm stubborn.  Really stubborn.  For that reason I've always found it hard to suck it up and apologize, even when I know I'm in the wrong.  Within 5 min of any fight or argument Nick is always the first to apologize... regardless of who should really be taking the first step.  I can literally scream at him for absolutely no reason, count to ten, and he will be right there saying "I'm sorry".  Never fails.

2.  He supports every decision I make.
Whether I'm planning my next degree or career, or adding to the list of businesses and hobbies I imagine in my life, Nick supports all of my dreams.  He hates to have any sort of debt, but if I really want to go to school and add another 50k+ to our student loans he never tells me no.  He supports the big things in life... and all the little things.  I couldn't ask for more.

3.  He's my biggest fan.
Although I'm not the most beautiful woman in the world, or the most talented artist, or the world's greatest genius, my husband thinks I am.  He always makes me feel amazing.  He doesn't even have to speak a word... I can see it in the way he looks at me.  I feel the same way about him.

4.  He inspires me.
I'm a better person because of Nick.  Not that I wouldn't be a pretty awesome person without him, but he makes me even better.  He inspires me to reach my goals, create new goals, and try new things every day.  Finding him brought me a little closer to having a perfect life, and made me want to fix and change every other little aspect of my life to make it perfect as well.  Because of Nick my future is so much brighter.

5.  He encourages me to have my own life.
Nick and I love to spend lazy days together cuddling and watching movies, dancing in the kitchen while we make dinner, and sharing our deepest and most unconventional thoughts with each other. As much as we enjoy our time together and can never get enough of it, he always encourages me to do things on my own.  He is happy to watch me fill my social calendar with dinners and dates with my girls, and loves to see me enjoy time away from home.  Of course the Army has forced me to have much more of my own life without him than I ever desired, but he prepared me in the best of ways for surviving life without him here.

6.  He's the smartest person I know.
I promise if you spend 10 minutes with Nick in a meaningful conversation, you will quickly agree that he is extremely intelligent.  Historical facts and dates roll from his tongue like flavors of ice cream.  He is passionate about his thoughts and beliefs, and I guarantee you will never truly win an argument with him... even if he lets you think you did.  He can fly an airplane, create a combat strategy that will blow your mind, and explain concepts that the geniuses of the world can't understand.  He is incredible.

7.  He has dimples.
Enough said.

8.  He has dreams and aspirations.
Nick has never been one to dream small or create small, insignificant goals... and I truly believe he will reach each and every one of his grand dreams and become the greatest at everything he ever does.

9.  He can always make me smile.
Whether I'm having a stressful or emotional day, or we've just had an intense argument, Nick can always put the biggest and most genuine smile on my face.  As long as I'm smiling, nothing else in life matters to him.

10.  He meant every word of his wedding vows.
The one belief that Nick and I will never differ on is the commitment of marriage.  My parents have been married 27 years and his 28, and we always knew that whenever we chose to get married it would be forever.  Marriage is hard work and sometimes a struggle, but it's a challenge we're up for.  Divorce is not an option for us, and we don't believe anything can or will ever tear us apart.  We didn't say our vows lightly, and meant every word of them.  I'm confident that no matter what life throws our way, we will battle it head on and come out victorious.  We went through a lot during the 6 years before our wedding, and it only made us stronger.  I know that Nick will never give up on us, and I'm reminded of his love and commitment to me every day.


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