blogtember: where I come from

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I'm taking advantage of maternity leave and trying to write as much as possible before I return to work full-time in a few weeks.  I'm joining in the blogtember fun with Jenni from Story of My Life and you should too! You can find the list of prompts by following the badge at the end of this post or in my sidebar. Of course my first post is late, as most of them will probably be :)

I come from the union of two loving, endlessly self-sacrificing, hard-working, compassionate role models. My parents have survived 30 years of marriage, raising two daughters... raising two more daughters/granddaughters, countless jobs and moves, and decades of drama and emotions that only parents of teenage girls can understand. They have survived it all side-by-side, hand-in-hand, and taught me early on the importance of commitment and unconditional love.

I come from North Carolina. I was born in Chattanooga, lived briefly in Georgia and Florida, and spent most of my school-aged years in Winston-Salem, NC. I have lived in Tennessee for nearly 8 years now, but I will always be a Carolina girl at heart.

I come from obsessive-compulsive counting and attention to detail... anxiety and perfectionism... and I wouldn't change it for the world. These characteristics gave me years of straight A's and academic achievements, athletic success in sports, and two college degrees.

I come from a need to belong, a desire to fit in, and the realization that in the end it doesn't matter at all. I come from years of learning the hard way and falling for the fallacies of middle school and high school. I come from finally figuring it all out and finally finding happiness and contentment within myself.


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