fun at the zoo!

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Some days I feel like I'm drowning with two little ones, and other days I feel like a rockstar. Like the day that I successfully made it through the zoo with a single stroller, an adventurous 19 month old, and a hot, sweaty 5 week old against my chest.

I should admit that I did have a little help in the form of two dear friends, but they each had a toddler with them as well. We were definitely outnumbered. We haven't yet invested in a double stroller, so Logan in the BOB and Adaleigh in a carrier was the only option I had. She's usually strapped to me when we're out and about, but on long adventures I like to be able to breathe for a few minutes without constantly sharing body heat. Today I didn't have that option.

So with the stroller, Ergo, and a weeks worth of luggage, I cautiously entered the zoo with the little ones in tow. To say I was anxious (and may have started packing the night before) would be an understatement.

 But, you know what? We all survived. We ran through the zoo for nearly three hours, ate a picnic lunch, nursed, rode a train... and I only lost Logan once (and only for a second!). I actually left the zoo with both kids I came with. They were angels.

Logan was in an exceptionally good mood, which always helps. He only lasted in the stroller for the first ten minutes, and spent the rest of the day leading the pack on foot with me chasing behind.

We visited the train, and I gladly treated Logan to his first train ride. He was so excited at the suggestion, but as soon as he first spotted the train rounding the corner he burst into tears. A few hugs and kisses later, and he was happy to board the train with his buddies and my two friends. I was so proud of him! Not only did he overcome his fear, but he did it without holding my hand or even having me nearby. He is awesome.

The day was exhausting, but so much fun. I was proud of Logan, proud of Adaleigh, and proud of myself. This life really is everything I dreamed of. Crazy enough to have me rethink baby #3 (and #4) at times, but never to regret where we are now. So many more adventures await us!

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