dear Logan (18 months- part 2)

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my growing, beautiful boy,

You are learning so much everyday. We are just now realizing that you understand everything we say to you, can follow any command, and probably understand the majority of the conversations you hear. You verbalize so much now, but unfortunately we still only understand a handful of what you say. You know everyone's names in our family, and even started saying GP this weekend. You can point to all of the different parts of your face and body, and also recognize them on other people. You love to read books, and play with anything that makes noise. The louder you are during playtime, the happier you seem to be. Luckily your little sister doesn't startle easily and manages to sleep through everything!

Walking is a thing of the past; now you love to run wherever you go. You still love to play with all kinds balls, and have quite the arm. Your grandparents bought your first basketball goal last week, and you know which one is your "ba-ball". You've also started saying football and pointing them out everywhere we go.

You are becoming such a loving, sweet big brother. You are always so excited to see your sister, and reach out for her when she's around. Just tonight you reached out for her in the grocery store until I brought her close enough that you could shower her with kisses. You don't seem to be threatened at all, and only want to be part of taking care of her. If I'm holding her on the sofa, you always bring every blanket you can find to wrap around her. I'm so incredibly proud of you.

You were recently named the "heartbreaker" in your daycare class. I'm not sure what other superlatives were given, but your father was quite proud of yours. With the amount of flirting you do with the ladies you meet, no one was surprised! You still love daycare, and it has been so good for you. You play so well with other children everywhere we go. You are happy to share, and easily brush it off when other kids are less than nice to you. I'm so proud of your character and personality.

We're quickly spiraling toward your 2nd birthday, and it blows my mind! Life hasn't slowed down since the day we brought you home. The fastest 18 months of my life, but by far the best.

always & forever,

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