dear Logan (19 months)

8:00:00 AM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

My sweet little man,

You are such a boy... and I love it.

Football season is upon us, and no one could be more excited than you are. You squeal and run to the tv, quick to grab a spot right next to your daddy. You watch each play with intent and passion, and seem to understand the game better than most people. You yell "oh!" with every tackle, and appropriately say "uh-oh" if you see a fumble. The first thing you said when we came downstairs this morning was "football", and I know it broke your heart to learn that there aren't any games on a Monday morning. You are definitely your daddy's son.

You're running and laughing, and testing us in every way you can. Your need for independence and constant defiance has been a challenge for us, but thankfully one we have enjoyed. You haven't yet learned to apologize when you've been on your worst behavior, but you are quick to shower us with smiles and kisses when you know you've done something wrong. Quite the charmer you are. I don't think I've ever been mad at you long enough to realize it.

When you're bored or frustrated you often throw your paci, and because of your good arm we have had quite a few casualties when we're out running errands. At your current rate, we may say goodbye to pacis in the coming weeks. If you throw them out of anger we never retrieve them for you, but it hasn't stopped you from throwing the next one. We have plans to wean from the paci, transition to a toddler bed, and begin potty training all before the year is over. Survival will be key for all of us.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel grateful and blessed for everything you've brought to my life. Even on the worst of days, a little bedtime snuggling is all I need to remember how wonderful you have made my life. Your smile can change the world.

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