dear Logan (18 months)

9:58:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments


My firstborn love,

Our last night as a family of three. Your last night as an only child, before you transition to your new role as the big brother. One last day of being spoiled with Mommy and Daddy's attention, without any distractions. One last day to soak in everything we love about you, that made us fall in love with becoming a family.

I hope you know no one will ever take your place. Our love will grow and our hearts will fill, but it will never change the love we have for you. You are our firstborn. The first to teach us patience and overwhelming, unconditional love... the first to make us a family. You will always be the one that made us question how we ever lived without you. You made us forget what life was like before children... before the reason we wake up and love life every day. You will always be so, so special to us.

Love always,



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