dear Logan (17 months)

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My sweet little man,

I can't help but spend the days wishing that time would slow down. Wishing for a few more seconds to run my fingers through your thin, blond waves, or a few more minutes of sunlight to watch you run and explore the world around you. For so long I have wished and waited for the next milestone, but all I want to do now is freeze the little man you've become. Every little thing you say or do is so much fun.

How do I even begin to describe the little boy that runs wild through my life? You are saying and doing so much now. If we ask you what time it is in the evening, you always know the answer is "bath time!" and scream it down the hall as you lead the way. You say "please" and "thank you", "bye bye", "all gone!", and any and every word you can think of that begins with a "B". I think you surprise me everyday with a new phrase or word when I least expect it. Of all the different things you say, I think my favorite would have to be the "awww" you let out when sharing a kiss or hug with me or your daddy. You are truly too cute for words.

You are still a champion eater, but we have to get a little sneaky with the vegetables and watch how much fruit you eat. We still haven't found a fruit you don't like, and you scream in excitement every time you spot fruit from across the room. I'm even guilty of sneaking you a few grapes in the grocery store when you spot them in the cart. You're eating with a spoon and fork now, and doing an amazing job. Your coordination gets better and better every day. You still amaze everyone you meet with the amount of food you can fit in that little belly.

You are so independent and brave, everything I've always hoped for you. You run through the halls of daycare like you own it, and you're rarely shy or reserved. Instead, you light up every room you enter and spread happiness wherever you go. I couldn't be more proud of your beaming, cheery personality.

Everything in our lives is about to change, and strangely I think you sense it coming. You're a little more cuddly and clingy, and we've shared a few nights in bed for the first time in months. I know this little girl is going to rock your world, but I hope you never resent her for it. I hope you embrace the changes that come, and know that you will always be mama's little boy. No one can ever break the bond we share. I will always cherish the 18 months we had together, just you and me.

Love always & forever,



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