father's day love

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The men in my life are nothing short of amazing. 
My husband flood my heart with happiness and love. There is no one else I'd rather be on this journey with. I am a better person because of him, and Logan will grow to be a better man because of the example set for him. He lives his life for his family. When I look at him my heart explodes with love.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a daddy's girl (sorry, Mom!). My father is the most generous, selfless man you will ever meet. He has supported me in every bad decision I've made in life, and always been there to pick up the pieces when everything fell apart. In his eyes I can do no wrong. He has sacrificed so much for all of his girls, and would do it again without a complaint. Nothing makes him happier than to see us happy. And no other GP will ever compare.
My father-in-law has come into my life and filled a void I didn't even know I had. He's not a father I ever expected or asked for, but he has embraced our relationship with open arms. He is always there for me, and even offered a shoulder to cry on when his son broke my heart. He knows the true meaning of the word family. I am so grateful to have him as my own father now. It has been amazing to watch him in his new role as Granddad, and I look forward to watching Logan grow to love him just as I do.

Father's Day reminds me that I am the luckiest girl in the world. I am surrounded by inspiring, ambitious, courageous men who fill their hearts and homes with love. I am forever grateful.


52 weeks of Logan: week 19

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52 weeks of Logan: week 18

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52 weeks of Logan: week 17

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52 weeks of Logan: week 16

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52 weeks of Logan: week 15

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dear Logan (4+ months)

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My Sweet Boy,

The past 24 hours have been amazing. Your talking has EXPLODED! Gone are the days of sounds and coos here and there... now you talk non-stop! It's like a little light bulb went off in your head, and now you know just what all of the noises are for. I would do anything to know what you are telling us, but there is no doubt in my mind that you know exactly what you are saying. We shared conversations all day long, and I even caught you yelling at Sophie (the giraffe) in the backseat on the way home from the grocery store. (Speaking of Sophie, you LOVE her. Whether you're talking to her or eating her, she's your favorite. She's the new octopus.)

Not only does your talking swell my heart in a whole new way, but you are so funny. Your noises and facial expressions kept me laughing throughout the day. You seem to crack yourself up, too :) I don't know what has sparked this new change in you, but I hope it never slows down. I love hearing everything you have to say.

Here are some other fun things you are doing, that aren't quite as new:
  • You have officially taken over my personal space. If we're laying together in the morning I'm often woken up by you pulling or rubbing my face. You also love to grab anything that I'm using or holding... my phone, a plate of food, my drink, my bag, etc.
  • You are almost doing a push-up these days. You're no longer just lifting your head and shoulders, but now you extend your arms fully until only your legs are left on the ground. You seem to get stronger every day.
  • You love to sit outside and take everything in. We spend our afternoons on the front lawn, our evenings on the patio, and your favorite thing to do outside is go for a run in the stroller.
  • You haven't quite figured out the phone yet, but it's so fun to watch you look around for your daddy when you hear his voice through the speakers. You can find us from across the room with little effort. 
  • You still love bathtime... and I don't see that changing anytime soon. No matter how cranky you are, a bath always makes everything better.
I love every minute of this time with you. I never thought I could be so entertained for hours on end by anyone! We have so much fun together. It can only get better from here!

love always,


Dear Logan (4! Months)

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You are so much fun! Here is a little of what you've been up to:

  • You love the tv, my iPhone, the computer, and anything else with bright colorful lights. Your poor father is so disappointed! (he loves you, but hates technology)
  • You smile all the time! You still have your fussy moments, but always for good reason (you're hungry, sun in your eyes, gassy, etc)
  • You are mimicking so many new sounds every day. I'm counting down to your first word (and coaching just a little)
  • You love to play! Whether it's me or your dad, the octopus on your play may, your sock monkey... You will have a blast talking up a storm to any of us! I only wish I knew what you were saying. 
  • Teething is in full force. So far it hasn't made you too cranky, but your hand is a permanent fixture in your mouth these days. And everything you get your hands on is taste-tested before anything else.
  • Bedtime stories are so much fun. Instead of watching me while I read, now you love to look at the pictures while we read at night. Dr. Seuss is your favorite (and mine, too).
  • You are such a happy baby (how times have changed!). You are full of smiles, and have finally begun the cutest little belly laugh (although you still make us work for it).
  • You pull up to a stand with hardly any help, can sit on your own for a few seconds, and manage to scoot around your crib and playmat when we aren't looking. You still haven't rolled back to belly, but I know it's coming any day now.  
  • At your 4 month appt you were 13 lbs 3 ounces (10-15%) and 24.5 inches tall (25-50%). The perfect size for a perfect baby :)

I know I'm forgetting so many important milestones. Everything you do amazes me! Each day you're less and less like a baby, and more like the little man you will become. My heart swells just thinking about you. Any day with you is the best day of my life.

I love you so much little bit! We have so much to look forward to.



4 months

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I am so far behind on Logan's updates... and I have so much to write about! But until I get it together, I leave you with this:

Grumpy man is 4 months old! So sad and so happy all at the same time. And yes, his shoes are on the wrong feet in the picture with his bumbo (thanks, Mom :) He kept kicking them off and I quickly threw them back on for this pic. Sadly, I didn't even notice until it was pointed out to me (but apparently it was the first thing everyone else noticed!). Even with his pouty faces and backward feet, isn't he adorable?!?


Logan's firsts: pool time!

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We spent Memorial Day with our awesome TN friends Josh & Laurie (& their boys), and Logan finally went swimming! He was battling a not so good day due to missed naps and overstimulation, but he still loved it.

Laurie & Logan. How cute is the shark fin on top of his wet shirt?!?  

He loved Josh's neon goggles! He couldn't get enough of them. 

Logan & Josh (aka his new favorite person) 

Logan, Josh, & Caleb


catching up (in bullets)

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It's been a while. Here are some highlights from our life...

1. Parenthood is hard. Really, really hard. I know the seasoned parents out there are probably laughing at me right now, but the last few weeks have taken a toll on me. With extra shifts I've been working full time (NOT the plan), and I seem to get less and less sleep as time goes on. I need an extra 10 hrs a day to just begin to cross things off the to-do list. Ugh.

2. Logan is 4 months. 4 MONTHS!!! Time is flying. I love the little person he's becoming, and I'm making sure to enjoy every little snuggle before my little man is a big man and doesn't need me anymore. Because I know that time will come far before I am ready.

3. I need a trip to the beach. I need it for my sanity, for the memory books, and to reunite our family. Sadly Nick and I see very little of each other these days, and it's taking it's toll on our marriage. Things could be worse, but they also could be a lot better. And Logan needs to meet the beach!

4. Motherhood has made me so emotional. I really only notice it at work, but it's hard to be a surgical oncology RN when all you want to do is cry with your patients. This isn't a terrible thing, but all the nurses out there know that unfortunately there just isn't enough time in the shift. I'm having a harder and harder time sucking it up and doing my job after watching someone receive their ticket to death far too young. It just doesn't get easier.

5. Motherhood has also made me a clean freak. Not the type of clean freaks you're probably thinking of, but much more of a cleaner than I've ever been. I spend all day every day cleaning (when I'm not saving lives :)... not ordinary picking up, dusting, etc, but serious deep cleaning. I like the change in my house, but I don't have time for anything else! There's always something to be cleaned (or laundry to be done).

6. I'm finally back to running 3 miles a day (minus the days after a 12-hr night shift), but I'm still not getting any results. I feel much better but I wouldn't mind the scale moving a bit either. I'm hoping to run another half-marathon by the end of the year (I was planning on running the Middle Half but sadly they don't allow strollers). I do love to run though. Makes me feel a little bit more like my pre-pregnancy self. And our BOB Revolution? AWESOME.

7. June?!? How is it already June? I've never had a year fly by like this one. I'm worried that summer will be gone before I know it, and before I can get everything out of it that I'm hoping. There are lakes to be seen, days at the zoo, swimming in pools, and that oh so important beach trip to be taken. A girl can wish.

8. A nursery re-do is in the works. Yes, I know Logan is only 4 months old, but his old nursery just didn't fit my vision or his personality. So the new theme is all things planes. It has been so. much. fun. Pictures and details to come.

9. I was planning on at least a 10-bullet summary, but little man is letting me know that's not going to happen. Not tonight. He's lucky he's cute :)