Dear Logan (4! Months)

1:50:00 AM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

You are so much fun! Here is a little of what you've been up to:

  • You love the tv, my iPhone, the computer, and anything else with bright colorful lights. Your poor father is so disappointed! (he loves you, but hates technology)
  • You smile all the time! You still have your fussy moments, but always for good reason (you're hungry, sun in your eyes, gassy, etc)
  • You are mimicking so many new sounds every day. I'm counting down to your first word (and coaching just a little)
  • You love to play! Whether it's me or your dad, the octopus on your play may, your sock monkey... You will have a blast talking up a storm to any of us! I only wish I knew what you were saying. 
  • Teething is in full force. So far it hasn't made you too cranky, but your hand is a permanent fixture in your mouth these days. And everything you get your hands on is taste-tested before anything else.
  • Bedtime stories are so much fun. Instead of watching me while I read, now you love to look at the pictures while we read at night. Dr. Seuss is your favorite (and mine, too).
  • You are such a happy baby (how times have changed!). You are full of smiles, and have finally begun the cutest little belly laugh (although you still make us work for it).
  • You pull up to a stand with hardly any help, can sit on your own for a few seconds, and manage to scoot around your crib and playmat when we aren't looking. You still haven't rolled back to belly, but I know it's coming any day now.  
  • At your 4 month appt you were 13 lbs 3 ounces (10-15%) and 24.5 inches tall (25-50%). The perfect size for a perfect baby :)

I know I'm forgetting so many important milestones. Everything you do amazes me! Each day you're less and less like a baby, and more like the little man you will become. My heart swells just thinking about you. Any day with you is the best day of my life.

I love you so much little bit! We have so much to look forward to.


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