dear Logan (4+ months)

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My Sweet Boy,

The past 24 hours have been amazing. Your talking has EXPLODED! Gone are the days of sounds and coos here and there... now you talk non-stop! It's like a little light bulb went off in your head, and now you know just what all of the noises are for. I would do anything to know what you are telling us, but there is no doubt in my mind that you know exactly what you are saying. We shared conversations all day long, and I even caught you yelling at Sophie (the giraffe) in the backseat on the way home from the grocery store. (Speaking of Sophie, you LOVE her. Whether you're talking to her or eating her, she's your favorite. She's the new octopus.)

Not only does your talking swell my heart in a whole new way, but you are so funny. Your noises and facial expressions kept me laughing throughout the day. You seem to crack yourself up, too :) I don't know what has sparked this new change in you, but I hope it never slows down. I love hearing everything you have to say.

Here are some other fun things you are doing, that aren't quite as new:
  • You have officially taken over my personal space. If we're laying together in the morning I'm often woken up by you pulling or rubbing my face. You also love to grab anything that I'm using or holding... my phone, a plate of food, my drink, my bag, etc.
  • You are almost doing a push-up these days. You're no longer just lifting your head and shoulders, but now you extend your arms fully until only your legs are left on the ground. You seem to get stronger every day.
  • You love to sit outside and take everything in. We spend our afternoons on the front lawn, our evenings on the patio, and your favorite thing to do outside is go for a run in the stroller.
  • You haven't quite figured out the phone yet, but it's so fun to watch you look around for your daddy when you hear his voice through the speakers. You can find us from across the room with little effort. 
  • You still love bathtime... and I don't see that changing anytime soon. No matter how cranky you are, a bath always makes everything better.
I love every minute of this time with you. I never thought I could be so entertained for hours on end by anyone! We have so much fun together. It can only get better from here!

love always,

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