catching up (in bullets)

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It's been a while. Here are some highlights from our life...

1. Parenthood is hard. Really, really hard. I know the seasoned parents out there are probably laughing at me right now, but the last few weeks have taken a toll on me. With extra shifts I've been working full time (NOT the plan), and I seem to get less and less sleep as time goes on. I need an extra 10 hrs a day to just begin to cross things off the to-do list. Ugh.

2. Logan is 4 months. 4 MONTHS!!! Time is flying. I love the little person he's becoming, and I'm making sure to enjoy every little snuggle before my little man is a big man and doesn't need me anymore. Because I know that time will come far before I am ready.

3. I need a trip to the beach. I need it for my sanity, for the memory books, and to reunite our family. Sadly Nick and I see very little of each other these days, and it's taking it's toll on our marriage. Things could be worse, but they also could be a lot better. And Logan needs to meet the beach!

4. Motherhood has made me so emotional. I really only notice it at work, but it's hard to be a surgical oncology RN when all you want to do is cry with your patients. This isn't a terrible thing, but all the nurses out there know that unfortunately there just isn't enough time in the shift. I'm having a harder and harder time sucking it up and doing my job after watching someone receive their ticket to death far too young. It just doesn't get easier.

5. Motherhood has also made me a clean freak. Not the type of clean freaks you're probably thinking of, but much more of a cleaner than I've ever been. I spend all day every day cleaning (when I'm not saving lives :)... not ordinary picking up, dusting, etc, but serious deep cleaning. I like the change in my house, but I don't have time for anything else! There's always something to be cleaned (or laundry to be done).

6. I'm finally back to running 3 miles a day (minus the days after a 12-hr night shift), but I'm still not getting any results. I feel much better but I wouldn't mind the scale moving a bit either. I'm hoping to run another half-marathon by the end of the year (I was planning on running the Middle Half but sadly they don't allow strollers). I do love to run though. Makes me feel a little bit more like my pre-pregnancy self. And our BOB Revolution? AWESOME.

7. June?!? How is it already June? I've never had a year fly by like this one. I'm worried that summer will be gone before I know it, and before I can get everything out of it that I'm hoping. There are lakes to be seen, days at the zoo, swimming in pools, and that oh so important beach trip to be taken. A girl can wish.

8. A nursery re-do is in the works. Yes, I know Logan is only 4 months old, but his old nursery just didn't fit my vision or his personality. So the new theme is all things planes. It has been so. much. fun. Pictures and details to come.

9. I was planning on at least a 10-bullet summary, but little man is letting me know that's not going to happen. Not tonight. He's lucky he's cute :)

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