spring has sprung

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I celebrated the start of Spring by finally renovating our patio.

This is what our sad, pathetic patio has looked like for the last 7 months:

When we first bought this house it was completely over-run with a jungle of huge trees, 4-foot tall weeds, and dead flowers.  Nick and the in-laws spent an entire weekend digging everything out (of course I was there to supervise), and we were left with an empty, barren, uninviting outdoor space.

Now that the air was warm and the sun was shining, and we had a little money in the bank account to make my visions a reality, I decided the first day of Spring was the perfect day to get to work.  It was long overdue.  After a long day of digging and sweating, I'm pretty proud of my work in progress:

I added stone pavers to edge the patio, a few azaleas and tomato plants, tiki torches, and mulch.  I also refinished the patio chairs we've had for years.  It's amazing what a can of spray paint can do.

There's still a few things left to do, but luckily there are months of beautiful weather to come.  I want to build a fence around the ridiculously loud AC unit, buy new patio furniture, add more plants and lattice to the cinder block walls, and buy a new gas grill (Nick may appreciate charcoal flavor, but I am way too impatient for that).  

Nick will be shocked to learn that I really do understand the concept of a shovel, and can handle supervising and working at the same time.  Actually, I think I might just tell him I hired someone.  I don't want him to expect too much when he gets home.

After a long day of intensive labor I expected to wake up with sore, aching muscles. What I was not prepared for was the bloating, cramping, and always unwelcome AF that also greeted me at 8am this morning.  Not the way I want to start any day of the week.  I know I've always been a little vague about it, but Nick and I tried to get pregnant all of last year with no success.  I've hated this time of the month even more ever since.  It used to mean an inevitable end to a week of negative pregnancy tests, followed by a morning (or often an entire day) of tears and disappointment of another failed attempt at starting a family.  Now that I know I'm not pregnant long before the dreaded day comes, it has still remained a loathed day in this house.  Now I almost feel like my period is mocking me every month, reminding me that I have a long time to wait and many more months of disappointment before any little Armstrongs will be running around our house.  Thank you, Eve.  And just for the record, we're still not friends.

I was hoping to show off my hard work by inviting friends over for a cookout today, but along with my other surprise this morning was rain.  A LOT of rain.  Now it really does feel like Spring.  

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