I don't get it

12:56:00 AM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

I don't think I will ever understand women that cheat on their husbands while they're deployed.  For a long time I didn't give myself too much credit because I hadn't really experienced their situation, but now that I have a good 3.5 months down (according to the loathed Donut of Misery) with my husband far away I think it's safe to say I will NEVER understand it.  I don't miss the companionship or touch of a man, I miss the companionship and touch of MY HUSBAND.  I know it's impossible for any man to compare to Nick, and I don't plan on testing that belief.  It would be wonderful to fall asleep in his arms, or wake up next to him in the morning...  but I wouldn't enjoy one minute of being with anyone else.  I am truly, madly in love with the man that I married, and no one could take his place.  Sure, deployments are hard, and being strong when your husband is away seems impossible at times, but nothing could ever drive me to someone else.  ANYONE else.  Brad Pitt could throw himself at me tomorrow, and I wouldn't even blink (not to mention he's not nearly as hot since he left Jen for Angelina).  If you cheat on or leave your significant other while they're honorably fighting for our country, don't give us the sad story of a lonely woman left on the homefront.  Many of us have done it, and we don't have sympathy for you.  Whether my husband is at work 5 miles down the road or halfway across the globe, I will always be faithful.  Screw the weak cheaters that give military wives a bad name and make our husbands worry themselves sick at night.  My life will never include a Jody or a Dear John letter.

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