spring is near

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Sometimes I forget why we bought this house instead of a larger house with a real backyard... and then I look out my bedroom window.


The sun was calling my name today, so the dogs and I spent our afternoon down at the lake.  The weather was perfect, and we spent hours walking the trail, swimming (the dogs, not me), and enjoying a peaceful Saturday.

I bought new harnesses for both of the dogs so that I could actually enjoying walking them, instead of being pulled to all of our destinations.  They worked quite nicely, and even though the dogs weren't big fans of wearing them they walked like obedient little angels today.  It was worth every penny.


You could almost smell Spring around the corner, and that alone put a smile on my face.  I cannot wait for a long relaxing summer at my little lake house.


Everything about the afternoon was completely magical, and would have been a perfect day had we not been missing one very important thing... Nick.  At times I feel like I couldn't miss him more, and then I do.  I wanted to share the peace and serenity of this day with him, but instead I had to dream of the day he comes home so that we can go back to enjoying lazy weekends together.  

While we were still living in the apartment and spending long hours every day remodeling our new house, we would often take breaks to walk down to the lake for a picnic lunch.  We would sit by the water and imagine our future together, and dream of the day we could bring our little ones down to play in the water.

By this time next year, I hope my hands are holding a stroller instead of dog leashes.  I dream of our perfect little family spending long days by the lake, having picnic lunches and splashing in the water.  Until then I will appreciate the quietness of spending the afternoons with our dogs.

P.S. I'm spending my evening watching The Notebook for the 1,387,462nd time.  I don't know what it is, but I become glued to the tv every time it's on.  And I own the DVD.  I've never seen anything as many times as I've seen The Notebook.  I love every minute of it.  Some might call it an obsession, but I like to think of it as proof that I can appreciate a good love story (even though it has nothing on me & Nick).

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