so. in. love.

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Warning: this post is going to be cheesy and full of me gushing over the amazing love I have for my husband, so if that kind of thing grosses you out quit reading now.

The bond that Nick and I share is incredible.  It's unlike anything I've ever experienced in life.  I've had best friends, I've had great friends... and I have a wonderful family that I can turn to for anything.  But nothing compares to the relationship I share with Nick.  There's no one I can talk to the way I can talk to him... there's no judgment, no criticism, no selfishness, and no ulterior motives.  It is pure, and magical, and perfect.  Whether I'm happy, or sad, or whiny, or proud, or frustrated, or anxious... he listens to me.  Really listens to me.  We've had our share of ups and downs (more than the average couple), but he's always there for me.  No matter where life takes us or what I do, I know he's there for me.  I can lean on him for anything and everything.

If there's anything good about spending most of your time away from your husband, it's that you forget about all the bad things in your relationship.  You forget about the little things they do that annoy you, you forget about any bad qualities they have, you forget about the trials and tribulations you've suffered, and you forget about anything bad they've ever put you through.  Instead you remember the comfort and safety of their arms around you, the way they look at you like you're the only person in the world that matters. and the unconditional love they have for you.  It's an amazing feeling.

The love we share is real.  It hasn't always been easy, but it's always been real.  Nothing in life would be the same without him, and I can't even imagine the last 6+ years without Nick in my life.  He has made me stronger, more independent, more loyal, more honest, and more me.  He brought out the person in me that was hiding for so long, waiting for the right moment to present myself to the world.  He makes me feel confident, motivated, ambitious, intelligent, and able to take on anything that life brings.  I feel so lucky that we found each other.

The next year is going to be hard, but we have our whole lives ahead of us.  We have a family, and goals, and dreams to look forward to.  When Nick and I are together, nothing can stand in our way.  We bring out the best in each other, and we're capable of anything.

I guess I should end this now, because I know there are a few people reading this and gagging right now.  But don't be jealous, because when you find what Nick and I have you'll value every word I've just written.

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