the countdown is on!

8:27:00 AM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

I always have lofty goals and ideas for the holiday season (even before Pinterest), and sadly I never find enough time to get them all done.


I have been more than stressed the last few weeks, knowing I need to let go of at least half of my to-do list if I ever have a chance at the rest of it.


Then I battled illness for a week.... And lost of week of potential crafting and creativity. We weren't able to get our tree the day after Christmas (which is so important to me!) because I was stuck in bed. Our house is still tree-less, and my decorations are still lost in the attic somewhere.


I have done two Christmas photo shoots with Logan... And am planning a third this weekend because I still don't have the look I'm going for.


I'm trying not to think about the last few weeks (i.e. the month of November) as a complete failure, and instead I'm trying to focus and be positive for the weeks to come.


So I am spending the early hours of this morning drinking coffee and planning the next few weeks... Because lists and calendars always make my type-A self feel a little better.


Wish me luck... T minus 25 days until Christmas!


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