for Maddie

7:41:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 1 Comments

Logan attended his first birthday party this weekend, to celebrate Maddie turning one!

He was such an angel baby at the party. I received so many compliments about how well behaved and laid back he was, despite the chaos around him. He sat and played, but mostly he observed everyone and everything. You could just see the little wheels turning in his head as he took it all in. When other kids played with him, he smiled. When they took his toys, he found new ones. No meltdowns, no tantrums. He was so content that I forgot to feed him and forgot to change him until his diaper had completely soaked through.

For Maddie's gift I crocheted an adorable toddler hat, and my first big flower to embellish it. I can't wait to have a little girl!

I made a basic double crochet hat, added a scalloped edge, and used this pattern for the flower. It was easy and quick! 

Now back to hats in all shades of blue...

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