dear Logan (11 weeks)

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My sweet baby boy,

Time is passing so quickly, yet I can't remember a time that my life didn't revolve around you. You will be 12 weeks old in just a few short days, and it's amazing how much you've grown and changed in the last week. You have always followed me with your eyes and recognized my voice, but now the biggest smile crosses your face as soon as I enter a room or you hear me speak. It melts my heart unlike anything I've ever felt before. We share a bond that will last forever, and is different than any other relationship you will ever have in your life. That alone makes everything worth it.

You're playing so well by yourself, and are full of smiles all day. The colicky baby we brought home is a distant memory. You played on your mat for nearly an hour yesterday, and I would do anything to know what was going on in that little head of yours during the long conversation you had with your octopus. It was the sweetest thing. You're sitting up in your bumbo, grabbing at anything within reach, and constantly telling us what's on your mind. I know we have so many fun adventures ahead of us, but right now I just want to pause our lives and enjoy this stage a little longer. You amaze me every day with everything you're learning and taking in from the world around you.

You're also sleeping all night in your crib, and napping without any fuss at all. I'm so proud to watch your independence build, but I also love that my snuggles are the ones you want the most. You love to cuddle, and I hope that remains true for at least a few more years. Sometimes I find it hard not to pick you up when you're sleeping alone, because as hard as it was I miss all of our naps and sleep together. When I'm not holding you, I feel empty.

I look forward to the many milestones and memories that await us. You are the perfect miracle!

love always & forever,

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