oh so soft cotton

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When I initially chose to cloth diaper my baby, I had a long list of reasons... saving money, minimizing waste for the environment, potty training sooner, decreasing or eliminating diaper rash... and they were oh.so.cute. But now, just a few days into our cloth diapering adventure, one reason I never considered before has topped the list. Cotton is so soft. So, so soft.

I'm packing for a short weekend trip right now, and the logical choice would be to use some of our many left over disposables for the trip, right? We have at least 200-300 left. So much more convenient and no need to wash laundry while we're away. But I can't do it. I went to put a disposable on Logan last night (the cloth diapers were in the wash and I didn't want to leave dirty diapers in the house over the weekend), and for the first time I realized how uncomfortable it must be to have that nasty, rough, paper feeling on your bottom. They look about as comfortable as the one-size-fits-all adult briefs we use at the hospital... and you know if the hospital is paying for them, they're CHEAP. How could I choose to put something so awful on my baby with all of these cute, soft, cloth diapers laying around?

So I didn't. I'm packing the cloth diapers (just wishing we had a few more), the wet bag, and our laundry detergent and heading to NC. Hopefully the inlaws don't give me too many looks when I throw dirty diapers into their washing machine. But you know what? I think I would do it even if it meant going to the laundromat. I hope I don't come across as preaching or that I'm better than anyone that doesn't use cloth. I promise I don't judge people that use disposables... I completely understand (and I used disposables for 2 months too!). But this is the choice I've made, and I couldn't be happier. So far it's going great! (and isn't that the cutest bottom you've ever seen?!?)

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