my loves

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They look mad, but only because they were intrigued by a serious show about aliens. Quality daddy-son time. 

I know I wrote a similar post the other day, but I am so in love with the love between these two. There is seriously nothing in life better than watching the man you love fall in love with your child. And when they say you fall more in love with your husband when you see him with your child? Understatement of a lifetime. I can't imagine loving either one of them any more than I do right now. My heart melted the first time Logan smiled at me... but it grew infinitely larger as I watched him smile at Nick for the first time. Over and over again.
Logan and Nick share a special bond. One that I will probably never fully understand, but one that I will always cherish and love watching with awe. A boy and his daddy. My life is complete.

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