still going strong... but I need your help!

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I'm still running, and I'm still loving it (most days).  I'm not running 7 days a week anymore, but I'm maintaining a good 4-5.  It's been over 2 months since I began my journey into running... 2 MONTHS.  Probably the longest I've ever stuck with any workout routine.  It's not a phase, it's not a hobby, it's not a trend... it's a habit.  Even on the days that I'm not really looking forward to my run, my goals and progress keep me motivated.

Now comes the favor...

As much as I love running, I'm not very optimistic that I can make it to 13.1 miles alone.  The plan was always to do weekly long runs with Katie to train for the half marathon in September, but 2 months later our schedules have yet to allow it.  So I've decided to train with a group at my Y, but in order to do that I need to raise $250 (or more!) for the We Build People campaign in middle TN.  I'm happy to donate to the cause myself, but it would be helpful and greatly appreciated if I could raise some of the funds and even exceed the required amount.  I have been assured that 100% of all proceeds will go directly to the organization.  Here's a little info about the campaign:

Your gift to the YMCA is crucial in making our mission possible. The Annual We Build People Campaign and the YMCA Foundation offer opportunities to make donations.
Your gift to the YMCA We Build People Campaign makes our mission possible: to not turn anyone away due to an inability to pay. Our campaign helps to fund programs such as Y-CAP, Urban Services Youth Development Center, membership assistance, Restore Ministries,Fun Company, DiabetesSmart, ABC (After Breast Cancer), swim lessons, Christian Emphasis and the USSAA program. With your help, thousands of kids and families have the opportunity to participate in nurturing programs that help them grow in spirit, mind and body. Every dollar raised goes directly to providing assistance for people who are in need. Please join us in helping build strong kids, strong families and strong communities. To find out more about how you can help:

If you can donate $5 or $10, it will not only help out a great cause but it will also help me to reach my personal goals and scratch something off my bucket list!  Running has been life-changing, and I promise there will be many more races in my future (some before the half marathon... but more about that later).  If you can't donate financially, I welcome emotional support and encouragement too!

Want to donate or help? Simply go to the link below:

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