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Today was my first day of training with the YMCA, and it was GREAT.  I was the only runner there (the group is made up of runners, walkers, and run/walkers), so I got one-on-one training with a seasoned marathon veteran.  I usually run in the mornings after a 12-hour shift at work, so I was amazed at my energy level after a full 6 hours of sleep.  We ran a 5k in under 31 minutes (9:56 pace).... over a minute faster than my 5k last Sunday!  I also managed to pull out a 7 min pace for the last 1/4 mile of the run.  I've never had the self motivation to push myself at the end, so that was a proud moment.  My coach was so encouraging and really made me confident that I WILL run this 13.1 miles and am more than capable of doing it.  He seems to think I'll break 2 hours.... as long as I break 2:30 I'll be happy.  There should be plenty of half marathons in my future to work on better times :)

If you haven't already, please donate to the Restore Ministries of the Middle TN YMCA to fund my training!  I need to raise $125 by next week, and another $125 in the weeks to come.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

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