carolina on my mind

6:45:00 PM Jaclyn Armstrong 0 Comments

I still live in the South, I still get my fair dose of heat and humidity, I live next to a lake... why does warm weather and sunshine make me miss NC so much???

I've said it before and I'll say it again- I LOVE my friends in TN.  They have been so good to me, and have become much more like family than friends.  But deep down I think my heart will always belong to NC.  Just say the words Wrightsville Beach, Eastern NC BBQ, dogwoods, Wilmington, etc, and my face just lights up.  Tennessee has been a great home for the past 4+ years and this city I live in is amazing and full of life and excitement... but NC will always be my real home.

I'm anxious, excited, and scared to find out the path that Nick chooses in the military... but I'm so ready to find out where we will be living for the next 20+ years (even if all I know is that we will be moving around every 2-3 years).  Of course if he calls to tell me to pack my bags for the Midwest or somewhere far far away, I may quickly wish I was still in the dark about our future.

I would love more than anything to move back to NC, but I also want my husband to be happy and proud of his career.  If nothing else, I suppose we can retire in NC ;)

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