dear Logan

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Dear Logan,

Any day now you will make your grand arrival into this world.  And when you do, you will need me.  I will be your provider of food and comfort, the one to watch over you and keep you safe, and the one you turn to for everything you need in this world.  But to be honest, I will need you too.  More than you will ever know.

I need you to bring joy and happiness into my life, to remind me that all of the challenges and struggles have been worth it.  I need you to give me purpose on a path I have so aimlessly walked, and give me a reason to hold my head high and remember that everything happens for a reason.  I will need your laughter and smiles, your innocence as you explore the world around you, and your pleasure with the little things in life.  I need you to bring me back to a time when everyday was happy and fulfilling, for no reason other than being alive.

For all that you will do for me, I promise to strive every day to be the best mother to you that I know how to be.  I promise to live each and every day for you; to teach you right from wrong, to learn to enjoy every minute that's given to you, and to always look for the good in those around you.  I promise that this journey we take together will lead to a better life for both of us, a life without regrets, a life where mistakes and challenges lead us to something better than we ever imagined.  I promise for everything you give to me, I will give you back even more.

The life ahead of us if full of so many possibilities, and I grow more and more impatient every day to begin this journey with you.  You are the sunshine I have waited my whole life for, and the reason I have done everything and come this far.  There will never be anything I am more proud of than you.  Every little kick you give me is a reminder of what is to come, and to enjoy every moment we have together.  I can't wait to lay my eyes upon your beautiful face.

With the greatest love always,


39 weeks

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I have officially made it to 39 weeks (these pictures were taken at 38 weeks), and I can't say that I'm thrilled about it.  After working long hours on my feet for so long I was sure I would deliver early, and as each day goes by it becomes less and less likely.

I am filled with so many emotions right now, but mostly excitement and anxiety about what is to come.  For a type A, obsessive-compulsive planner, there is nothing worse than having no idea and no control over when and how labor will begin.  I'm so anxious to get it over with, and nervous that I will not end up with the birth experience I'm hoping for.  I am also terrified of having to be induced, but as of now that is still another 3 weeks away.  I am also obviously so excited for Logan to be here... I can spend hours imagining holding him in my arms and kissing the sweet little face of his daddy.

So much of our lives is about to change, and I am overwhelmed with impatience for what is to come.  The clock seems to move a little slower each day, and at times it feels like the world stops for hours.  I fluctuate between feeling like there is nothing more I can do to prepare for Logan's arrival, to feeling like I am no where near being ready for him to come home.  So I clean a little more, reorganize one more time, and continue waiting, and waiting... and waiting. 

I try so hard to cherish the time we have left, just Logan and I, with him snuggled in the comfort of my belly and no cares or worries in the world.  He is truly a miracle, and despite my impatience and discomfort I can't imagine a greater feeling in the world.


iPhone week 8: Come on, baby!

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38 weeks pregnant, last Spa day with the girls, and 1st snowfall of the year. A perfect week to welcome our new little one to the world, but unfortunately he had other plans.

The week started with a beautiful dusting of snow while I hurried around the house nesting for our little one, and ended with a much needed spa day with my favorite girls from work.  We treated ourselves to manispedis, shopped at Nordstrom, and enjoyed good conversation away from the stress of 4 North.  

After working on my feet for so long I really thought Logan might be ready to join us this week, but all of the walking in the world didn't get him out.  He's stubborn like his daddy :)


iPhone week 7: the countdown is on!

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Now that the holidays are behind us and the Christmas decorations are put away, I have finally been able to prepare all of the details for Logan's arrival.  I have been busy washing bottles and pacifiers, putting together swings and furniture, and adding the finishing touches to the nursery.  It is still a work in progress, but I imagine it will be long after Logan arrives.  My due date is now only 19 days away, and every morning I wonder if today could be the day.  I hope he is as anxious as I am to enter the world!  I'm still working, but I've finally cut back on overtime and find myself counting the days until maternity leave.  My body is definitely ready for this pregnancy to be over.  And I am so so ready to meet our precious baby boy!

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iPhone weeks 5 & 6: until next year

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Here I am again, trying to catch up on my weekly posts.  I've promised myself now that the holidays and craziness of December are over I'll keep up better, but only time will tell.  I have a baby due in less than 20 days!  So here is what you've missed...

Christmas marked our last year as a family of 2 and another year closer to 30 (Nick turned 29!).  I worked the night shift on Christmas Eve, so our celebration began when I arrived home around 8am.  We drank mimosas (only 1 for me), opened our gifts from Santa and each other, and finished the morning with an incredible breakfast courtesy of my sweet husband.  We spent the afternoon napping and headed to a friend's house for Christmas dinner.  They prepared the most amazing meal for us, showered Logan with gifts, and even provided a cake to celebrate Nick's birthday.  I didn't have to work the day after Christmas, so I propped my feet up and enjoyed my first day of relaxation with nothing to do in a long time.  The perfect ending to a perfect Christmas.

I arrived home on New Year's Eve after a long day at work to find a beautiful bouquet of roses from Nick.  It was exactly what I needed!  He also treated me to an incredible dinner of filet mignon, green beans, baked macaroni, and french bread.  We watched the ball drop in our pajamas from the comfort of our bed, and were both asleep by 12:30am.  I have a feeling New Years Eve won't be the same for many more years to come.

On Sunday we drove to Chattanooga to ring in the new year with my family and celebrate our 5th (and final!) baby shower for Logan.  We had a great time but after 5 bathroom stops on our way back (a 2.5 hr trip), I was ready to be back home.  My parents and nieces followed us back to Nashville, where we exchanged Christmas gifts and enjoyed a french toast breakfast Monday morning before they headed back to NC.  It was difficult to see the holidays come to an end, but it was nice to know that we will see them all again in just a few short weeks!  Goodbyes are always easier when they're temporary.