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Dreading going back to work tonight. After 3 full days in NC with the best friends and family (+2 days of travelling) and 3 Mommy & Logan days, the last thing I want to do is return to my life without sleep and normalcy. I do miss my lovely coworkers though!

Loving watching this little boy grow up before my eyes. The smiles, the laughter, the pure joy and happiness in his eyes... He's not my little snuggly newborn anymore! He's definitely a Mama's boy though.

Watching Parenthood. Since the previews first came on for the initial season, I always knew I could appreciate this show. I love it! Still watching the first season, but I can't get enough. It reinforces my desire to have a big family, and reignites my desire to move home to be closer to our families. Until that actually happens, I will live vicariously through my little TV family.

Making (crocheting) hats, hats, and more hats! There's not much in life I find more relaxing than sitting with a cup of coffee and ball of yarn on a cool fall day. I'm hoping to crochet stockings for our family, and a colorful throw and pillows for the day we finally get a new sofa. A girl can dream!

Looking forward to pumpkin patches, Halloween costumes, and (online) Christmas shopping. It's my favorite time of year!

Wishing things would finally start to fall into place for us. I'm over the financial stress and uncertainty the last few months have brought into our lives. I'm ready to have it all figured out.

Thinking about job changes. I'm beyond ready to try new things and spark a new love for my career. Nick and I discussed the possibility of returning to school for my MSN... a dream I let go of long ago... and I'm ready to make it happen! 

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