a look back...

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Without a doubt, 2010 was a year of growth and self-discovery. There were challenges and triumphs along the way, but overall I can look back at everything with a sense of contentment and pride.

Nick and I survived our first deployment, and spent the first 8 months of the year on opposite sides of the world. We grew closer, learned more about ourselves and our relationship, and were grateful to end the year together as one. We celebrated our 1st year of marriage, traveled to Mexico, and planned for an exciting future together.

I completed my first half-marathon in 2010. For someone who was never a runner and never thought I could be, this was a huge accomplishment. I crossed the finish line holding the hands of two of my best friends, and have never felt more proud to face a challenge head on and reach a goal I never thought possible.

This year marked the start of a new career, and the realization that I finally found a career I love and can feel passionate about every day. Being a nurse is never glamorous and is full of physical and mental stress daily, but I’m proud of what I do and the small ways in which I’m able to impact the lives of those I care for. The rewards are endless, and I never doubt my decision to enter the world of nursing.

2010 also brought the biggest challenge Nick and I have ever had to face… infertility. It broke us in ways we never thought possible. We cried together, and were forced to stay strong as one while it felt that the world was trying to tear us apart. We faced huge decisions, and spent days worrying about what this would mean for us and our future. While the struggle remains, our outlook has brightened. No longer do we find ourselves on opposite sides of the battlefield, but rather hand and hand fighting together.

I also got my first tattoo this year at the ripe age of 26. I still feel pretty badass.

So goodbye, 2010, it was fun while it lasted. Now it’s time to see what 2011 can do.

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